Posted on Fri 22 February 2019 in blog


Life Is a Fractal Event (Exploration). Create unlimited (infinite) values in limited time!”


Hello and welcome to my new personal web-page and blog on GitHub. The blog is under construction and some pages will add in future. Please refer to About me page for more information.

A note about the blogging tool

I recently read about Pelican and decided to switch my blog from pure unstructured HTML to a structured static website. Pelican is really beautiful blogging and publishing tool. Simply put, Pelican is a neat static site generator (SSG) written in Python. Like all SSGs, it enables super fast website generation. Pelican has no heavy docs, straightforward installation, and powerful features such as plugins and extendability. I am new to Pelican, but it is simple and easy to use. I strongly recommend you to use Pelican!