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CodART benchmarks and testbed

To ensure CodART works properly, we are running it on many real-life software projects. Refactorings are applied to the software systems listed in Table 3. Benchmark projects may update and extend in the future. For the time being, we use a set of well-known open-source Java projects that have been intensely studied in previous works. We have also added two new Java software programs, WEKA and ANTLR, to examine the versatility of CodART performance on real-life software projects.

Table 3. Software systems used as benchmarks in CodeART

System Release Previous releases Domain Reference
Xerces-J v2.7.0 -- software packages for parsing XML [3], [6]
Azureus v2.3.0.6 -- Java BitTorrent client for handling multiple torrents [3]
ArgoUML v0.26 and v0.3 -- UML tool for object-oriented design [3]
Apache Ant v1.5.0 and v1.7.0 -- Java build tool and library [3]
GanttProject v1.10.2 and v1.11.1 -- project management [3], [6], [5]
JHotDraw v6.1 and v6.0b1 and v5.3 -- graphics tool [6], [5], [4]
JFreeChart v1.0.9 -- chart tool [6]
Beaver v0.9.11 and v0.9.8 -- parser generator [5], [4]
Apache XML-RPC v3.1.1 -- B2B communications [5], [4]
JRDF v0.3.4.3 -- semantic web (resource management) [5]
XOM v1.2.1 -- XML tool [5]
JSON v1.1 -- software packages for parsing JSON [4]
JFlex v1.4.1 -- lexical analyzer generator [4]
Mango v2.0.1 -- -- [4]
Weka v3.9 -- data mining tool New
ANTLR v4.8.0 -- parser generator tool New

New projects

To be announced.


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